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ELEKTRA: The first electric TRUE combi boiler

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ELEKTRA: where innovation and excellence converge to redefine the heating industry.

Our story began in 2011, inspired by the need for greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and space utilization, we set out to create something truly exceptional.

Partnering with the Fiamma Giro in Italy, we embarked on a collaborative design process that pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible. By 2012, our dedicated team had transformed visionary concepts into a tangible reality – the first prototype of the electric TRUE combi boiler.

The introduction of our electric combi boiler was a game-changer in a market dominated by electric water heaters paired with bulky storage tanks. We broke the mould by offering a compact, all-in-one solution that seamlessly combined heating and hot water provision and that’s how the Electric Combi Boilers Company (ECBC) was born. Gone were the days of sacrificing space for comfort; our innovation allowed for installation in even the most confined areas.


We introduced the ELEKTRA EK range:



  • Elektra C – 12kW (Central Heating + Hot water): an electric combi boiler designed for small properties with shower rooms. 

  • Elektra BPC & BPL – 12kW (Central Heating + Hot water): Electric combi boiler incorporating an in-built water cylinder to provide on-demand hot water for properties with bathtubs & showers.

  • Elektra N – 12kW (Heating only boiler) Electric heating-only boiler to replace conventional system boilers.


Key advantages of the ELEKTRA Electric Combi Boilers:

  • Efficiency: the ELEKTRA electric boilers are 99.8% efficient. They modulate, allowing the boiler to run on as little as 2kW when the set temperature is reached.

  • Safety: Gas-safe certificates are eliminated. The ELEKTRA boilers do not produce carbon monoxide (CO) or condensate, eliminating the need for CO detectors. They have an inbuilt function that heats domestic water up to 65°C to eliminate Legionella bacteria, meeting the “Legionella Laws for landlords and letting agents.”

  • Economic: Gas meter standing charges are eliminated, and there is no need for yearly servicing. The ELEKTRA boilers can be integrated with Solar PV panels, allowing users to generate their own energy and improve their property’s carbon footprint. They also save money by eliminating the need for gas valves, air pressure switches, ignition PCBs, electrodes, and burners, using fewer and more affordable parts.

  • Practicality: No flue is required, providing flexibility in installation and eliminating the need for hiring scaffolding for higher-level installations. The ELEKTRA boilers can be fitted almost anywhere as they operate silently. They are easy to troubleshoot and can be mounted on any wall without requiring an external wall. The absence of a gas pipe simplifies the installation process.

  • Digital Electronic System: The heart of our boilers is the Digital Electronic System (DES) which displays energy consumption and efficiently controls the operation of various components. The DES incorporates a digital microprocessor electronic board, enhancing the functionality of the product.

  • User and Installer-Friendly: Boiler settings, calibration, control, and operations are managed through a backlit LCD panel. The control panel features six selection buttons, providing both users and installers with easy programming options.


R&D: continuous improvement and innovation

The ECBC, over the years, grew not only in size but in its search for better heating solutions. With eager engineers continuously working on designing, improving and delivering superior electric heating and hot water products and systems. Our reputation grew as one of the only manufacturers that provided local support and installation teams, ensuring reliable service and assistance for all our products. 

In 2021 we introduced the first range of ELEKTRA SMART Electric Combi Boilers in the UK, the first electric combi boilers with full WiFi connectivity and SMART controls.


Electric Combi Boilers


The year 2022 saw us introducing a new range of ELEKTRA SMART boilers: the ELEKTRA SMART EASY.  The ELEKTRA SMART EASY offers a hassle-free swap from gas to electric thanks to the new position of its connector, facilitating the installation and cutting on installation costs.

Some of the key features of the ELEKTRA SMART BOILERS

Compact Size: The ELEKTRA SMART boilers are designed with space in mind. Their compact size allows for seamless installation in most spaces, making them perfect for modern homes where space is at a premium.

Seamless Gas-to-Electric Transition: Installing the ELEKTRA SMART boilers is a breeze. With simplified components and user-friendly interfaces, the transition from gas to electric heating is fast and straightforward. You can save valuable installation time and provide your customers with a hassle-free experience.

Eco-Friendly: the ELEKTRA SMART boilers offer exceptional energy efficiency compared to oil and gas-fueled boilers, allowing homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying substantial energy savings. By embracing electric heating, you contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Engineered with user-friendly and installer-friendly technology: the ELEKTRA SMART boilers are connected to the Internet so users can control the boiler on their mobiles or tablets and also allow the Elektra Support Team to diagnose the boiler remotely reducing repair and callout times.

Easy to get: we understand the importance of timely deliveries to keep your projects on track. That’s why there’s stock ready ensuring prompt next-day delivery to your doorstep. You can confidently plan your installations with no delays or disruptions.

Fully certified, compliant and safe: the ELEKTRA SMART boiler is meticulously crafted in Italy, embodying the highest standards of quality and reliability. These boilers have undergone rigorous testing and hold full certifications, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and peace of mind for both you and your customers.