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We know what we do

The Electric Combi Boilers Company is a trademark of Abcot UK Ltd, we have +24 years of experience in the heating and plumbing industry. Our engineers first came up with the design for an electric TRUE combi boiler back in 2012 and in partnership with Fiamma Giro S.R.L. began producing the Elektra electric boilers, manufactured by Fiamma in Italy.

We have a professional team of trained installers with vast knowledge and expertise in installing Elektra electric boilers. We can install a new boiler or replace your existing boiler (gas, oil or electric) with an Elektra electric boiler and our installers are Gas Safe qualified engineers and electricians that can cover all the aspects required for a safe and efficient installation.

Types of boilers we install

We can replace your gas or oil boiler with an efficient electric combination or system boiler.

Electric boilers are similar in size and installation cost to a gas boiler and the installation costs to a gas boiler and is an ideal choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint sooner rather than later.

Combi boilers

Heat up water for your taps and radiators ‘on demand’. They don’t need external hot water storage cylinders, making them suitable for properties with less space. But as they heat the water as you need it, this uses more power than a heat-only or system electric boiler.

System Boilers

These are like a heat-only option, but components that are external in a heat-only boiler, such as pumps and valves, are built into the body of a system boiler. As such, they only require a hot water tank, which saves space.

Why choose us?

We have an experienced team of installers who specialise in fitting and servicing Elektra electric boilers.

We can guarantee that your Elektra boiler is fitted as per the manufacturer’s guidelines covering all aspects required for the warranty to apply.

Our engineers are Gas Safe and NICEIC-certified. Once the engineer finishes the installation you will receive a full Gas Safe/Electric/Installation certificate.

We are Which! Trusted traders with excellent ratings on Trustpilot and Google.

Coverage Area

You can visit our Windsor showroom to see the boilers and their performance to make your choice of the model suitable for your property.

Zone 1 (Blue) – Zone 2 (Orange) – Zone 3 (Pink). Service call and Call-outs prices vary depending on the Zone.