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Is your Elektra boiler warranty about to expire?


Don’t let a boiler issue ruin your week. The Electric Combi Boilers Company offer an annual EXTENDED WARRANTY PRO PLAN for £300 (incl VAT).


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Your Elektra Electric Boiler and the manufacturer’s warranty

Our Elektra standard boilers come with a standard 2-year warranty and our Elektra SMART range comes with up to 5 years manufacturer warranty (T&Cs apply).

The Electric Combi Boilers Company offers an ANNUAL EXTENDED WARRANTY PLAN.

If your Elektra boiler breaks down and you need to have a boiler repair carried out you should contact us as soon as possible to see if the boiler warranty covers any work carried out. Even the best boilers break down occasionally, so ensuring you understand the warranty is important, as this can save you a lot of money.


Registering your boiler warranty is important

In order to be eligible for our extended warranty plan, your Elektra Electric Boiler warranty must be registered with us. If you haven’t done so yet, please follow the link to the online warranty registration form.

If we know where and when the boiler was installed then it really helps to smooth the process of getting a service engineer out to fix the issue. Keep your service history with your boiler in a safe place and be ready to quote the serial number of your boiler and service history if you have a problem.


The Extended Warranty PRO Plan

The ECBC Warranty PRO Plan extends your boiler’s standard manufacturer warranty for a year and covers the boiler only. It doesn’t cover plumbing, radiators, filters, room thermostats or any external controls.

The ECBC Warranty PRO Plan can be purchased one month before or after a standard/extended standard manufacturer warranty expires. A boiler service won’t be required in this case.

If the boiler’s standard or extended warranty has expired and more than 30 days have passed in order to extend the manufacturer warranty the boiler will need to be serviced. The new extended warranty period will start after the boiler has been serviced.

The plan covers unlimited “under warranty” call-outs per year. The plan covers any spares or parts the boiler might need to get replaced under warranty during the plan’s duration. The duration of the Extended warranty is 1 year and can be renewed annually.



    Please fill in this form to request your Extended Warranty Plan.
    Our Support Team will check your boiler details, inform you if you need a Boiler Service before activating the plan
    and share the payment link with you. Thank you.)

    Full Name (*)

    Email (*)

    Mobile (*)

    Address (*)

    Postcode (*)

    Boiler Model (*)

    Boiler Serial Number (*)

    Purchase Date (*)

    Please tell us if there are any issues with your boiler


    What is not covered in the Extended Warranty Plan

    If the pump impeller is stuck.

    The plan does not cover the general maintenance of the boiler.

    F1 error.

    F8 error.

    A leak on the diverter valve due to the heating system.

    Faults due to accidental damage, tampering or improper or unprofessional installations.

    Damage due to external causes such as bad weather conditions, power surges, etc.

    Servicing, de-scaling or flushing.

    If the engineer is booked for a call-out for the above errors, then a fee of 100+VAT for the call-out will be required.

    If a call-out is booked under inaccurate information or once the engineer, upon arrival finds out there is nothing wrong with the boiler, the call-out will be charged at the standard rate.

     To read the Terms and Conditions of the Standard Manufacturer Warranty, click HERE.

    To read the Terms and Conditions of Call-outs and Service Calls, please click HERE.