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AQ.322 DuoProtect Filter 22mm fitting

£83.99 INC. VAT

Duo Protect Filter protects your boiler in two stages

1st Stage: Nylon filter catches 98% debris running through your water system

2nd Stage: Magnet catches any iron particles which are less than 60 microns, giving near 99% capture rate

Both stages easily removed and cleaned

Steel body

Indicator shows you when the filter is blocked


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Duo Protect filters out the water going into your boiler in two stages, protecting your boiler internally.

It also has an indicator which shows you when your filter is blocked and therefore needs emptying.

This filter directly protects your heat exchanger and reduces the likeliness of blockages and therefore saves you time, money and effort on repairs.

Box contents:


2 x 22mm fittings

1 x tightening key

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