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SMART.BPL 24kW Electric Combi Boiler for central heating & bath / shower

£2,760.00 INC. VAT

(£2,300 exclusive of VAT)

24kW Three Phase

Wall hung electric combi boiler with built-in smart controls

Instant combi + cylinder (Suitable for bath & shower)

Gives heating & instantaneous hot water up to 13lt/min at 65°C

Fully certified under IEC, IMQ, IECEE and Harmonics and Flicker

Eco & Comfort mode (Hot water)

Summer & Winter mode (Central Heating)

Compatible with solar panels

Fully double insulated

875 (H) x 660 (W) x 300 (D)    (mm)

5 years warranty*

Bath & Shower

(Single Phase available in: 6kW or 8kW or 12kW)


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  • Elektra, designed and produced in Italy
  • Clean and safe form of heating and hot water solution
  • Suitable for radiators and underfloor heating
  • Continuous hot water for its size
  • Built-in smart controls
  • 240v three phase
  • Uses 100 Amps
  • Use 16mm cable per phase
  • Flowrate: up to 13 Lt/min
  • Completely silent due to Triac Based Technology
  • Modulates from 2kW – 24kW
  • Digitally displayed temperatures
  • 37.5 L glass lined, insulated steel cylinder with inspection flange, fitted with magnesium anode, mounted with insulated boiler casing
  • Can be used with radiators or under floor heating
  • Anti Legionella function means the temperature of the cylinder is automatically raised to 65°C in order to eliminate legionella bacteria
  • Simply connect flow and return from heating circuit and cold supply for HW
  • All components, for normal function of the boiler included inside
  • Hot water limited to 65°C
  • Central heating limited to 75°C
  • Economical (see blue chart below) installer and user friendly.
  • 5 Years warranty – subject to boiler connected to internet & service booking (2 years standard)


Package contents:

  • 1 x Elektra BP Electric Combi Boiler
  • 2 x 22mm Isolation Valves
  • 1 x 15mm Isolation Valves
  • 1 x Bracket
  • Manual
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All Parameters are the same for Elektra C & BP.

As BP has built in Cylinder.  The Hot water delivery is better.


Elektra BP:

Has stored hot water over 50 litres at 60°C- 65°C  ( 37.5 l in Cylinder 10-12 li in the central heating reservoir).

Although set at 8 litres/min can be adjusted up to 13 litres/min for faster fill of the bath.

Factory setting @ 8l/min is perfect for filling bath and having shower because the hot water is being delivered at higher temperature.

It will be possible to have two showers running simultaneously, say 4 litres/minute to each tap then mixed with cold water to bring the flow rate up to 6-8 litres/min, (this would be dependent on water pressure in the house).


Uses initially only 2kw to heat up the water in cylinder and only uses more kw depending on the temperature rise needed.

And may go up to full 12kw in time.

If you increase the flow rate to 13 litres/min, in time the heat exchange balance will be lost and time temperature will decrease to below 38°C

Important facts to remember:

A. An average shower uses 21-25 litres of water. Elektra BP holds enough water and back up the cylinder with constant supply of hot water as per Elektra C for continuous delivery of Hot Water.

B. According to BS6700 a standard 1700 x 700 need 100 litres of water @ 40°C. This is split into 60% HW and 40% CW.

Elektra BP (preset at 8Li/min) will fill the bath faster.

The cold water mains pressure going in to the boiler should be maximum 2bar. If the pressure if more than 2bar, install pressure reducing valve and set it between 1.5 – 2.0 bar pressure.

Please note:
You can remotely change the modes (Summer/Winter, Eco/Comfort) and temperature of the boiler heating and hot water.
You can change and set your program for heating on/off. When the heating is running as per the smart program, the heating cannot be controlled by room thermostat. The best option to control the heating will be via thermostatic radiator valves or the temperature set for heating on the boiler.


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