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SMART.BPL 8kW Electric Combi Boiler

£2,160.00 INC. VAT

(£1,800 exclusive of VAT)

8kW Single Phase (Suitable for properties  with 80A or 100A Main fuse)

Wall-hung electric combi boiler with built-in smart controls

Instant combi + cylinder (Suitable for bath & shower)

Gives heating & instantaneous hot water up to 13lt/min at 65°C

Fully certified under IEC, IMQ, IECEE and Harmonics and Flicker

Eco & Comfort mode (Hot water)

Summer & Winter mode (Central Heating)

Compatible with solar panels

Fully double insulated

875 (H) x 660 (W) x 300 (D)    (mm)

5 years warranty*

Bath & Shower

(Also available in 6kW or 12kW)

If the product is out of stock, you can place a backorder. The estimated delivery time for backorders is 4-8 weeks from the date the order is placed.


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  • Clean and safe form of heating and hot water solution.
  • Elektra Electric Combi Boilers are manufactured in Italy.
  • Suitable for radiators and underfloor heating.
  • Provides continuous hot water (while in COMFORT mode).
  • Built-in SMART controls.
  • 240v single phase.
  • Uses 50 Amps. 50Am MCB breaker needed.
  • Use a minimum 10mm cable.
  • Flowrate: up to 6-7 Lt/min (Click here to see HW graph)
  • Completely silent thanks to Triac-Based Technology.
  • Modulates from 2kW – 8kW.
  • Digitally displayed temperatures.
  • 37.5 L glass lined, insulated steel cylinder with inspection flange, fitted with magnesium anode, mounted with insulated boiler casing.
  • Anti Legionella function means the temperature of the cylinder is automatically raised to 65°C in order to eliminate the Legionella bacteria.
  • Simply connect flow and return from the heating circuit and cold supply for hot water.
  • All components, for the normal function of the boiler, are included inside.
  • Hot water is limited to 65°C.
  • Central heating is limited to 75°C.
  • Installer and user-friendly.
  • Up to 5 Years warranty – subject to TCs.


Package contents:

  • 1 x Elektra BP Electric Combi Boiler.
  • 2 x 22mm Isolation Valves.
  • 1 x 15mm Isolation Valves.
  • 1 x Bracket.
  • Manual.
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All Parameters are the same for Elektra C & BP boilers.

The ELEKTRA BP boilers come with an in-built Cylinder that makes for better hot water delivery.

Elektra SMART BP boilers:

– Have stored hot water, +50 litres at 60°C- 65°C  located in the in-built cylinder (37.5 litres) and in the central heating reservoir (10-12 litres).

– The flow rate is set at 8 litres/min (from the factory) but can be adjusted up to 13 litres/min for a faster filling of the bathtub.

– Factory setting @ 8 litres/min works well for filling a bath and having a shower because the hot water is being delivered at higher temperatures.

-It will be possible to have two showers running simultaneously, say 4 litres/minute to each tap then mixed with cold water to bring the flow rate up to 6-8 litres/min, (this would be dependent on water pressure in the house).

-They use initially only 2kw to heat up the water in the in-built cylinder and only use more kW depending on the temperature increase needed.

If you increase the flow rate to 13 litres/min, in time the heat exchange balance will be lost and the temperature will decrease to below 38°C.

Important facts to remember:

A. An average shower uses 21-25 litres of water. The Elektra SMART BP electric boilers hold enough water and back up the cylinder with a constant supply of hot water for continuous delivery of Hot Water.

B. According to BS6700 a standard bathtub (1700 x 700) needs ~100 litres of water at 40°C. This is split into 60% HW and 40% CW.

The Elektra SMART BP electric boilers (preset at 8Litres/min) will fill the bathtub faster at the right temperature.

The cold water mains pressure going into the boiler should be a maximum 2 bar. If the pressure is higher than 2 bar, the installation of a pressure-reducing valve is needed. The incoming pressure should be set between 1.5 – 2.0 bar.

Graphic (Hot Water output):

Temperature Graph


You can remotely change the modes (Summer/Winter, Eco/Comfort) and temperature of the boiler heating and hot water using our MyBoiler app.

You can change and set your program for heating on/off.

When the heating is running using the SMART timer program, the heating cannot be controlled by a room thermostat. The best option to control the heating will be using thermostatic radiator valves or using a room thermostat paired with the boiler.



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If the product is out of stock, you can place a backorder. The estimated delivery time for backorders is 6-8 weeks to be confirmed.
Please contact us for more information.