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ZP.100 ZeroCal Anti scale dosing system


A brand new Anti Scale dosing System for your home alerting you when to refill

Sound and visual signal system

4 months autonomy for each refill

Bi – directional flow and adjustable connections

Operational without power supply




Each bottle last till 4 months and is easy to replace

  • Corrosion control
  • Lead/Copper control
  • Sequestrian of iron/manganese
  • Calcium Carbonate scale control
  • Water softening
  • Will reduce the fuel consumption by 20% thus producing less carbon dioxide
  • Protects water system against scale and corrosion therefore increasing efficiency of household appliances
  • Save money on electricity and gas bills as you avoid expensive servicing


Box Contents

ZeroCal Machine

1 x 500ml bottle

2 x 22mm fittings

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