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Service Calls & Call-outs

Do ELEKTRA electric boilers need an annual service?

Electric combi boilers don’t require a mandatory annual service as gas boilers do, nonetheless we recommend you to service your electric boiler every two years to make sure they maintain their efficiency. A normal Service Call from our company is around £150* and is performed by professional trained engineers every time.

Electric combi boilers have fewer moving parts than gas boilers. For example a gas boiler includes a fan to move air through the boiler for the combustion of gas, and a gas valve to regulate the flow of gas to the burner. An electric combi boiler doesn’t need these, they are therefore less likely to break down than their gas equivalents.

In the event your ELEKTRA electric combi boiler breaks, the spare parts are in general cheaper than that of gas boilers and our electric boilers spare parts are readily available, 100% guaranteed and provided by our company.

*Prices don’t include VAT.

How can I book a Service Call?

To request a Service Call or Call-out booking, please fill in the Booking Request Form or call us (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) at 0208 998 2024.

To confirm the Service Call or Call-out booking we will request the payment of the fee in advance. More information about our Terms and Conditions HERE.

You can pay for your Service Call or Call-out fee with a credit/debit card via a SECURE PAYMENT LINK provided by our Customer Support Team or over the phone.

For Call-outs:

a. If your ELEKTRA electric boiler is under warranty this payment is considered a deposit and will be refunded if the issue is covered under warranty.

b. If you have purchased an EXTENDED WARRANTY PLAN, you have up to 3 free call-outs a year, any call-outs after are subject to the call-out fee and advance payment.

c. If you have purchased an EXTENDED WARRANTY PLAN PRO your plan includes unlimited call-outs in a year, therefore this advance payment doesn’t apply.

More information about our Terms and Conditions HERE.

More information on our EXTENDED WARRANTY PLANS HERE.

Have you register your ELEKTRA ELECTRIC BOILER warranty?

Remember you need to register your boiler warranty card with us in the 15 days after you have received your boiler. If you haven’t yet, do it as soon as possible.

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