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Paving the way for innovative and energy-efficient heating solutions since 2013.

Recognizing the urgent market need for electric combi boilers, AbcotUK Ltd, a leader in gas boiler parts manufacturing and distribution since 1997, created the Electric Combi Boilers Company (trademark).

Our mission is to revolutionize the industry by introducing electric combination boilers as a sustainable and efficient alternative to gas combi boilers, complying with new UK/EU requirements for eco-compliance, energy-efficient products.

At Electric Combi Boilers Company, we are dedicated to offering cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions for home heating and hot water. Our electric combi boilers are designed to deliver high efficiency, low maintenance, and simple operation, resulting in long-term savings for our customers. We are committed to being recognized as a forward-thinking and innovative company in the plumbing and heating sector.

Balvinder Rubino

In 2011, Balvinder Nagi sponsored the development of the first electric TRUE COMBI BOILER in the UK market, initiating a partnership with Giovanni Rubino and Fiamma Giro in Italy. Together, we embarked on a collaborative design process that pushed the boundaries of what was thought possible. By 2012, our dedicated team had transformed visionary concepts into a tangible reality – the first prototype of the electric TRUE combi boiler.

Since 2013, we have been selling ELEKTRA electric boilers, leading the way in innovation and design for electric boilers, the ELEKTRA electric combi boilers are tested by prestigious third party laboratories undergoing rigorous testing and have obtained all necessary certifications for efficiency, safety, and compliance with current legislation in the UK and the European Union.

Originally situated in Wembley, we later relocated to Windsor, Berkshire, to accommodate our growing team and stock. Our Windsor HQ houses a dedicated workshop where our professional engineers continuously enhance our existing designs and develop new products to meet the growing demands of the market.

We provide training and support for installers through free sessions, ensuring they have the expertise required for proper installation and troubleshooting of Elektra electric boilers. Our training facility also features fully functional Elektra boilers, allowing customers to experience their design and functionality firsthand.

With our team of in-house professional engineers, Electric Combi Boilers Company offers installation and servicing of Elektra electric boilers within a radius of approximately 150 miles from Windsor. For areas outside our coverage, we have established a network of recommended installers and partners who have undergone our rigorous training and are qualified to install and service Elektra electric boilers.

We take pride in the satisfaction of our customers, with over 10,000 boilers sold and a proven track record of minimal issues reported over time we are known for a a strong reputation for reliability, we are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering sustainable heating solutions for homes.

Electric Combi Boilers Company

Abcot uk ltd t/as Electric Combi Boilers Company, began selling Elektra range of boilers in 2014.

Abcot Uk Ltd started trading in 1997, specialising in manufacturing and distributing gas boilers parts. Having a great deal of knowledge of gas heating systems, we realised that electric combi boilers were missing from the market. We became aware that this was needed urgently due to the new EU requirements for energy efficient products, and ever stricter flue requirements. With this thought in mind, electric combi boilers was created and brought to life with the help of Italian manufacturer Fiamma.

Our aim now is to take the industry forward by introducing electric combination boilers to the UK in lieu of gas combi boilers. Users can save money in the long term due to their low maintenance, simple design and high efficiency. We endeavour to be recognised and associated with forward thinking, innovative products and services within the plumbing and heating world.

Want to know more?

Visit our Showroom and Training Centre at our head office in Windsor (10 minutes from the castle) to see our Electric Combi Boilers range in action, as well as other plumbing and heating products.

WINDSOR (Head office & Training centre): Electric Combi Boilers Company, Green Acres, Oakley Green Road, Windsor, SL4 4QF

Tel: 02089 982 024



High Quality Elektra Electric Boilers in London, UK

Electric Boilers Company together with Fiamma have created an innovative solution for providing central heating and hot water. Users can save money on running costs, servicing, repairs, parts and installation. The aim of this venture was to simplify electric boilers ad their installation, whilst guaranteeing all users high quality and optimum safety. Elektra boilers come with all components built in and are easy to install and operate. Simply provide flow and return for heating and circuit. Cold water in, hot water out for domestic hot water.