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Activate your Elektra Electric Combi boiler manufacturer’s warranty

Registering your Elektra Electric Combi Boiler gives you faster support and access to all the services for your products in one place. Registration is quick and easy and can be completed online.

It’s important that the warranty on your electric boiler is registered within 30 days of purchase or the callout to repair your boiler won’t be covered by our company’s warranty (spare parts will still be covered if the fault is due to a manufacturer’s fault or defect).

If your installer has already registered your boiler warranty for you, you don’t need to register it again.

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General Conditions of Warranty

Please read this document carefully as it will tell you everything you need to know about the terms and conditions on which we will deal with each other.

Electric Combi Boilers Company Callout Fee Warranty

1-Your ELEKTRA Electric Combi Boilers come with two types of warranties: the Manufacturer’s Warranty (see terms and conditions below) and the Electric Combi Boiler’s Company (ECBC)’s “Under Warranty Callouts”.

2- The ECBC “Under Warranty Callouts” grants the boiler’s owner a free-of-charge callout visit to diagnose and repair the boiler as long as the issue is covered under the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. If the issue is not related or covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty the Callout will be charged at the ECBC normal Callout rates.

3- The company will request a deposit for the callout fee to be paid in advance to book the appointment in agreement with our company’s Service Calls and Callouts TCs.

a- When the callout is confirmed to be covered by the Manufacturer’s warranty, this deposit will be refunded via the same payment method used to pay for the deposit as long as the warranty has been registered in our Warranty Program. If the boiler is not registered under our Warranty Program, the Manufacturer’s Warranty will still apply for the spare parts that might have been used to repair the boiler but the callout deposit won’t be refunded.

b- If the issue is diagnosed as not related to a manufacturer’s defect or does not comply with the terms and conditions to be covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty, the deposit won’t be refunded.

4-For your ELEKTRA Electric Combi boiler to be covered under the ECBC “Under Warranty Callouts”:

a- The boiler must be registered within 30 days of purchase into our Warranty Program via the online form provided, by sending a scan or photo of the Warranty Certificate fully completed and signed via email to or by sending the Warranty Certificate fully completed and signed to our offices located at Green Acres, Oakley Green Road, Windsor, SL4 4QF.

b-If the boiler is not to be installed within the TCs period of time (30-days), this must be communicated to the company in writing via email to with the estimated date of installation for the company review and approve the extension of the registration period (subject to company’s discretion). The extension of the registration period’s approval must be received in writing (via email) for it to be confirmed. The approval for registration won’t extend the original warranty period that starts from the date of purchase as per the Warranty Certificate.

5- The Electric Combi Boilers Company will attend to “Under Warranty Callouts” for ELEKTRA Electric Combi Boilers installed in properties up to 200 miles from the company’s main office in Windsor, Berkshire, UK.

6- If the property where the ELEKTRA Electric Combi Boiler is installed is located +200 miles from our company’s main office, the company reserves the right to:

a- Send a local authorised installer to diagnose and repair the boiler, or,

b- Authorise the client’s preferred installer -prior to any repair being carried on- to proceed with the repair. The company will agree and arrange payment with the client’s installer at standard B2B rates as long as a full job report with photos is provided and any part exchanged is returned to the company for inspection.

ELEKTRA Electric Combi Boilers Manufacturer’s Warranty

This standard warranty, pursuant to art. 1519 septies cc, nothing innovative or modification on the rights granted
to consumers to art. 1 D.L. 02/02/2002 No. 24, implementing Directive 1999/44/EEC.
Notwithstanding, therefore, the rights referred to in Articles 1519-bis et seq. cc and the biennials statute of
limitations placed on them for the protection of consumers, the company ABCOT UK LIMITED. and its trademark ELECTRIC COMBI BOILERS COMPANY. (hereinafter referred to as THE COMPANY) grants its customers the rights to the warranty indicated below, subject to the conditions specified therein.

1) The Company ensures the appliances are supplied for a period of:


b. For ELEKTRA SMART ELECTRIC BOILER RANGE (SMART.N, SMART.C, SMART.BPC and SMART.BPL): up to 5 years warranty subject to boiler service on year 2 and year 4 from product purchase date.

The warranty terms are valid and active as long as the product is installed and put into operation within a period of 2 years from the date of manufacture (indicated as monthly production in the test -internal card signed by the operator The Company), or within 18 months from the date of the sales invoice of the supplier and within 1 year from the sale of the manufacturer to the ultimate purchaser and as long as the installation has been carried on in accordance with the installation guidelines supplied with the appliances and products purchased and as long as the warranty has been registered with theELECTRIC COMBI BOILERS COMPANY via the online form or by sending the filled form scanned by email to or via post to ELECTRIC COMBI BOILERS COMPANY, Green Acres, Oakley Green Rd, Windsor, SL4 4QF.

The Company, in relation to the components and only for the time period stated above, will repair or replace, according to an evidence evaluation technique, the component that has defects in materials or construction. This standard warranty’s sole purpose is limited to the repair or replacement stated above, no other intervention can be claimed under the warranty provided by The Company, or any other damages, consequential losses or compensation resulting from any defect in materials or construction can be claimed under this warranty, except for the activation of a different statutory warranty and the terms and conditions laid down in it.

2) This warranty does not take effect if the buyer does not report the defects to The Company within 3 days upon discovery.

3) Any repair or replacement of parts of boilers does not change the starting date and duration of this warranty. Parts replaced during the warranty period will be considered to have the same warranty period as what’s left of the original boiler warranty.

4) Within the time limits referred to in paragraph 2, the Company will repair and/or replace, free of charge, the pieces that, at its sole discretion and in accordance with its exclusive technical procedure deems necessary, to return the product to its original usage. In the event of an engineer visit to assess a boiler fault (under warranty), Abcot UK Ltd reserves the right to apply a deposit charge. If the fault is covered by the warranty the deposit will be refunded to the customer after the engineer’s report.

5) The defective parts that are replaced will remain the exclusive property of The Company.

a. the purchaser of the unit is required to pay the rights to call for any action required to be paid by The Company not just the cost of the parts to be replaced;

b. the possible intervention of technicians The Company, which will be sent within time limits granted by unquestionable organizational requirements, will be placed solely with the purchaser;

c. costs related to the removal, transportation, reinstallation and any other incidental expenses shall be borne
exclusively by the buyer.

7) For the appliance to be covered under these warranty terms it is required:

That the owner of the boiler registers the warranty within 30 days of its purchase.

A non-bypass central heating filter is installed to avoid corrosion and the build-up of sludge in the heating system, as per the installation guidelines.
If the appliance is installed in an area of medium to hard water (above 200ppm) a scale reducer must be installed in order to prevent limescale buildup in the appliance.

The boiler must be fitted in accordance with the specified clearances as per the boiler model. A failure to do so could result in accessibility issues when it comes to servicing or repairing the boiler by an engineer(s). This will result in the boiler warranty being void.

The boiler must be fitted in a location that is safe to access. A failure to do so could result in accessibility issues when it comes to servicing or repairing the boiler by an engineer(s). This will result in the boiler warranty being void.

For ELEKTRA SMART electric boilers, for the boiler to be covered by the warranty for up to 5 years the owner must have the boiler serviced on year 2 and year 4 from the product purchase date. The boiler service must be booked by the owner with The Company or an installer authorized by The Company.

6) It is understood that:

8) The warranty does not cover the incorrect installation of wiring or plumbing or isolator switches or MCB/RCD (RCBO). It is The Company’s policy to request a call-out deposit even if the boiler is under warranty. The deposit is refundable if the fault is covered under warranty.

9) ELEKTRA SMART boilers come with a standard 2 years manufacturer’s warranty, extendable to 5 years subject to the boiler having been serviced in the 2nd and 4th year from the date of purchase. The warranty will not be extended if the customer fails to get the boiler serviced by a qualified/trained engineer. The engineer must have been trained and /or authorized by The Company.

10) If the ELEKTRA SMART boiler is not connected to the Internet via a router, the warranty will be limited to the standard duration of 2 years.

11) When using any boiler system cleaning products (acid/chemical), we strongly recommend that the cleaning products (acid/chemical) are thoroughly flushed out. Leaving any cleaning products in the system can damage the boiler and may void the warranty.


12) Excluded from this warranty are any parts damaged during shipment, wrong installation of the appliance, lack of capacity or abnormality of the plumbing, electrical, fuel delivery, or poor and/or incorrect treatment of the water supply, corrosion caused excessive aggressiveness of the water, descaling treatment badly conducted, stray currents, inadequate maintenance, frost, lack of water, tampering or intervention by unauthorized personnel, parts subject to normal wear and tear (for example anodes, refractory materials, gaskets, knobs), use of non-original spare parts not provided by The Company or of not equivalent quality to those parts or not compatible with the installation and, for reasons not attributable to The Company.


13)This warranty does not apply if:
The customer has failed to make any or all payments;
The warranty certificate, duly completed, is not received, either by post or via the online warranty registration page, by The Company within 30 days from the installation, and if it is not kept by the purchaser for the time of duration of the warranty, alongside a copy of the receipt of the purchase of the appliance;
The warranty certificate duly completed is not received, by post or via the online warranty registration page, by The Company from the Authorized Installer, signed on each side if sent by post. It is the buyer’s responsibility to return the completed warranty certificate or to register the warranty via our online warranty registration page, to The Company, failing to do so could make this warranty void.
Dysfunction and/or failure is determined by events unrelated to the building and not attributable to defects in the original materials or production processes;

Intervention is carried out by unauthorized personnel or due to unauthorized access;
The installation is not compliant with instructions for installation, operation and maintenance given by The Company;
The installation is not compliant with existing laws and technical regulations with regard to installation and maintenance.

15) Responsibility:
The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of all information provided;
The boiler and heating equipment must have been installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
If the boiler or heating equipment breaks down or malfunctions, the buyer must take reasonable steps to limit damage, e.g. stop using it if this is likely to cause further damage.
The technical staff of The Company intervenes in the form of technical assistance towards the buyer;
This warranty does not extend in any way the obligation to pay damages to nature suffered by persons,
animals or things.
The terms of this warranty are not to be modified or changed by any of the parties unless expressly agreed
in written form by The Company.

16) If the parties take legal action, this warranty is considered resolved.

17) Governing law and statutory rights: The Company will communicate with the buyer in English and English Law will apply. This warranty is governed by the laws of England and Wales. If there is any dispute between parties, it will be dealt with by the courts of England and Wales if the buyer’s property in England or Wales, and by the courts of Scotland if the buyer’s property is in Scotland. Nothing in this warranty affects the buyer’s legal rights, powers, or statutory rights that cannot be excluded by law.

18) In respect of UK GDPR and The Data Protection Act 2018, personal data will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties unless expressly agreed. The buyer may request, at any time, consultation, modification or deletion by written request. This request must be sent exclusively to The Company and addressed to the Data Protection Officer.

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