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Why buying an electric combi boiler is more practical for an apartment or flats?

The UK population is growing by more than 500,000 people every year but only half the homes required are built. Recently there has been a sharp rise in building apartments and conversions of houses into flats/apartment to tackle the shortage of housing crisis.

The new regulations make the buildings more efficient and advance. Due to the size and efficient space usage, the heating and hot water solution for the apartment/flats have evolved. The option for these apartments have always been electric heaters with hot water storage tanks which are not efficient and take a lot of space. With our new range of Elektra electric combi boilers you benefit from the following:

  • Supply: Almost every apartment has it’s own consumer unit with 100Amp supply. The boiler uses 50Amp when it is using 12kW (i.e. maximum kW capacity).
  • Space saver: The boilers are compact in size and do not require an additional storage tank. These are wall hung boilers and can be fitted anywhere in an apartment/flat.
  • Gas/Flue Issue: The boilers do not have flue and they run on electricity. Since there is no gas involved there is no risk from gas leak or CO gas.
  • EPC rating: The boilers are 100% efficient and therefore it is perfect to enhance your property EPC rating.
  • Maintenance: The boilers have fewer parts and therefore has little or no maintenance costs compared to the other similar systems. Therefore, the boilers are more reliable.Installing Elektra electric combi boilers you’re a step ahead because these can be integrated with solar PV panels and batteries. The boilers can run almost free with the above setup.