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Running cost of the boiler explained:


Central Heating:
Heating is of the same output for all 12kW EK.C, EK.BPL and EK.BPC boilers. The boiler is capable of heating up to 14-16 radiators.

Maximum spend in 1 hour is 12kW. (Running cost @ full capacity – £0.15p per kWh x 12kW = £1.80 per hour)

However, the boiler will not run flat out at 12kW on heating.
When you start the heating, the boiler will use 6kW to build up temperature, once the left-hand temperature on the boiler screen reached 30C, the pump will start the heating circulation.
When the temperature is close to and reached the set temperature on the boiler, it will start modulating from 12kW to 0kW.

On average the boiler will run at 2kW or 4kW per hour on heating. (Subject to heat loss factor & number of radiators)

(This depends on various factors like, number of radiators, insulation at the property, heat loss, programmed room thermostat, others)

Therefore, the running cost per hour will be around £0.30p – £0.60p per hour. (Heating) (Unit rate @ 0.15p per kWh)

*Please note: The unit rate of electricity for the study is an example. Kindly check with your energy supplier to find out your tarrif.

Hot water:
The difference in the performance is on the hot water side between EK.C and EK.BPL or EK.BPC boilers.

The only difference between the Elektra C and Elektra BPL or BPC model is the in-built tank (Elektra BPL or BPC only).

Elektra BPL or BPC holds 37.5 Litres in the tank at 65C maximum. This boiler runs in 2 modes on the hot water side: Eco or Comfort.

Eco mode: The boiler uses 2kW to heat the tank water and once the tank water is cold you will have to wait for the water to heat up, which will take 30-45 minutes to reach 65C. The tank water will run for 6-8 minutes shower.

Comfort mode: The boiler uses 2kW to heat the tank and 12kW during the use of hot water. This mode gives you continuous running of hot water.

Elektra C has no storage tank on the hot water side and gives you instantaneous hot water at 45C-55C. The boiler runs at 12kW when the hot water is in use.

Heating & Hot water efficiency:
Elektra by Fiamma is the first and only boiler in the UK & Europe with A rating for both heating & hot water.