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Why You Should Turn Your Heating ON in Late September

As autumn approaches, so does the inevitable winter season. While many may be hesitant to turn on their heating systems early due to rising living costs, postponing could leave you quite literally out in the cold. Keep reading to know why you might want to consider engaging your heating system a bit earlier this year.

The Pitfalls of Waiting

Summertime, even a late one as the one this year, is glorious, but neglecting your boiler for months on end is less so. Imagine the inconvenience of expecting a warm home, only to find out your heating system has decided to go on strike. Components like circulating pumps could seize up due to sludge, debris, or trapped air if not operated regularly.

Avoid the Silly-Season Rush

Scrambling to find a professional and reputable boiler service during peak season is, in a word, challenging. Free appointment slots are few, and a poorly functioning boiler could lower your home’s temperature creating discomfort and potential health problems.

The Ideal Time to Turn It On

To sidestep these inconveniences, consider activating your heating system between late September and the first week of October. A brief 30-minute run at approximately 16°C at least one day a week until constant heating is needed can effectively “prime” your system for the winter months ahead and if the case comes where your boiler is underperforming or not working you will have time to get it fixed without being left out in the cold.

Temperature Matters: Smart and Steady Wins the Race

What should your home’s winter temperature be? Aiming for a range between 18-22°C is advisable. Anything below 10°C could pose a health risk, especially for those who are more vulnerable.

If your home is equipped with a digital thermostat, set it to a moderate temperature (we recommend 18°C-20°C for comfort and cost-efficiency). This ensures your heating system will automatically kick in when temperatures fall below the preset level, offering a balanced approach to maintaining a comfortable environment.


Planning ahead isn’t solely the domain of Boy Scouts and Preppers! By proactively caring for your heating system, you’re investing in a winter that’s not just warm but also efficient and hassle-free. No one wants to be stuck searching for an emergency boiler repair when the colder days are already here.

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