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Comparison Electric Combi Boilers

Q. What is the difference between our Elektra electric combi boilers and other electric combi boilers (EHC Fusion, Elnur Mattira, Heatrae Sadia Electromax) in the market?

Our Elektra electric combi boilers have a diverter valve and a plate heat exchanger which provides instant and continuous hot water. (Model: EK.BP & EK.C)

With our boilers, like a combi, the priority is given to hot water. This means that whenever the hot water tap/shower outlet is open the heating will stop until they are closed.

Other electric boilers have an indirect hot water cylinder. Once the cylinder runs out of hot water, it will take 30-60 minutes to heat water (depends on the size/capacity of the cylinder). (EHC Comet Combi) roughly 7 minutes or more @ 50C (12kW Elnur Mattira).

The boiler (Type A) with indirect cylinder has transfer heat loss from the boiler to cylinder and it takes up space. Our Electric boilers are wall hung, compact and save a lot of space.

The immersion inside the boiler (Type B) with in-built cylinder is in direct contact with water compared to our Elektra BP boiler the immersion is in dry pocket and not in contact with water. The immersion in contact with water has a shorter life span compared to the immersion in dry pocket.

If you are looking for an efficient, space saving, cutting edge technology in electric combi boiler then our Elektra boilers are much more advance and practical compared to other boilers in the market.